BMW Test Drive

I’m part of a BMW campaign and so we’re giving our own car a rest and test driving the all new 5 series diesel all week long. Diesel, as in, yes- it takes diesel fuel. I just downloaded a free app to help me locate diesel stations and apparently it’s pretty much every station we use anyway (easy!). Plus, Henry was very excited about ‘the new race car’ when we cruised around in it after school yesterday.

bmw2Frank at the dealership showed me all the ins and outs including keyless entry, bluetooth audio, and other fancy schmanciness that I’ve never had before in car. The diesel part makes it not only super fuel efficient (38 mpg) but really low emissions too.

It’s perfect weather here right now so we’ll have lots of opportunities to drive this fancy thing around. Stay tuned to for our report next week!
BMW Logo Updated
This post is brought to you by BMW Advanced Diesel. Clean. Powerful. Efficient.




SWEEEEEET! I was on the waiting list for the 335d in 2009/10, but got sick of waiting :-/… I also fancied myself oh-so-very cutting edge. I’m glad the BMW CleanDeez is catching on. I want the X1d {euro delivery only right now} to come to the USA so I don’t have to drag my ass {+my kids} all the way to Germany!

Live the dream, sister! You go.

I have a jetta sportwagon TDI and I love it. You’d never know it was a diesel and I’m sure the BMW is the same way. I use the Gas Buddy app to find diesel stations and so far I’ve only had minor issues on road trips (like when the diesel pump is huge for semis and won’t fit into my tank). Have fun driving that. it looks super nice!

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