DIY Apple Candles

apple candles diySo happy to see September is here! According to pinterest it’s already Halloween and I should be making candy corn shaped meatloaf  or something but I’m insistent on soaking up fall for the next month at least. It’s my very favorite time of year and very nostalgic for me growing up on the east coast where they have actual seasons, you know. Most years I take a trip back home to New York at the end of October (it’s always a highlight of the year!) but that will be right around my due date so if you don’t mind I’m going to drown myself with gourds, pumpkin cooking, and apple candles right here on the blog.

These apple candles are actually made from chopped up crayon bits and apple cider spices. You can use those tiny tealights too but it’s trickier to cut out the right shape and easier to just let the wax fill in whatever shape you  (accidentally) cut. Keep reading to see how to make them…

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley

apple candles diy

Pretty apples that stand up straight (important!)
Chopped up red and orange crayons
Paraffin wax with wicks
Clean empty can
Serrated knife (or even better a grapefruit spoon!)
Apple spice or apple cider mix

applecandles2Step 1: Mix the crayon bits with the paraffin wax in a tin can and place in a pot with water to boil (like a double boiler) until melted together. Pour in a T of apple spice or apple cider mix.

Step 2: Meanwhile, scoop out the top of the apple. A serrated spoon worked great to scoop out the top chunk. Super easy, and just pop the stem off.


Step 3: Place the wick inside and then carefully pour the hot wax into the apple. The wick will fall to the side. That’s okay, in about 5 minutes when it’s starting to harden you can move it straight up again.


How long the apples last? because apple changes color in couples of minutes and it may get rotten with the candle in it. So, I would like to know for how many days I will have this candle on my votive. But I like the idea and I ‘ll try it for thanksgiving dinner next month. Thank you— Chris s. FL

Great idea! I love DIYs! Won’t the apples go bad though? Just wondering how long these could actually last…

These are so cute and i love the idea of making your own candle wax with leftover crayons. Great way to recycle those stinkers!

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