DIY Star Printed Muslin Swaddle Blanket


The last time I was pregnant was 6 years ago and nursery trends have definitely shifted since then. One trend I’ve noticed lately is the muslin swaddle blanket everyone seems to be wrapping their cute babies in. They’re actually not made from muslin at all, but a gauze fabric. It’s stretchy and lightweight which seems perfect for swaddling a little one. starblanket4I found some beautiful gauze for under $4 a yard at my local craft store and thought it might be fun to try a couple DIY designs on it. This one is a printed star pattern that I already want to make 5 more of I love it so much!

Keep reading to see the DIY instructions…

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Maddie Bachelder

This past holiday season, you may remember I did a post about making homemade stamps right here:


One of which was a star and I’ve been meaning to use it again in a project so this was the perfect opportunity. You can find my full instructions right here on making an easy star stamp. I like that it’s not perfect shaped, and even when we printed it we didn’t press down too hard so it would be more handmade looking (and also softer as more paint is used).

So once you’ve made the stamp: starblanket6

Step 1. Squirt some paint onto a paper plate. We used craft paint which worked great, even when washed. It was soft and didn’t bleed or fade. Lightly paint on the stamp with a foam brush (this seemed to work better than just dipping the stamp in the paint.


Step 2: Gently press down onto the gauze fabric in a not so perfect or even distance between the stars. We experimented and I liked the lighter pressure/more textured/uneven painted look more. It was more handmade and ‘stamped’ looking. Even when washed, it looked beautiful. So. Light paint, light pressure. Don’t stress about imperfections.


Step 4: Let dry and then wash. Hem around the unfinished edges.


PS Isn’t that cloud mobile cute? My sweet friend Susan gave it to me, it’s from Baby Jives


What a cute idea!!! Muslin wrapps are so handy, wrapping babies, covering them in prams from sun, same with in cars, tied to a bra strap as a make do feeding cover, a make do burpcloth, something to put on the floor before laying a baby down if you aren’t sure how clean it is, and when babies are bigger, I used mine as a cheesecloth when making cheese.

Here is Australia, we call the gauze fabric muslin, and I think what you guys call muslin (the fabric) we call calico.

Was the paint you used an acrylic? That seems to be all the paint my small town craft store has and I’m worried it will wash out.


this turned out really cute- and good to know it washes well too!

Love it! What’s your local shop where you bought the fabric?

awww! that is adorable.. and wonderfully simple… my little dude (11 months now) absolutely lived in his muslin swaddle blankets. well that, and one of those velcro straitjacket style ones underneath, ha! he loved to be snug as a bug. sigh, i miss the swaddle! 🙂

This is such a cute idea and I love that crib and that mobile too- where are they from?

Haa they’re so easy to make though! You don’t even need to hem if you don’t want. I love the idea of it just being rough around the edges 🙂

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