DIY Smiley Summer Herb Planters

By craft contributor Rachael


Summer is always a time where I love to get a little herb garden growing in the kitchen. We use basil, rosemary and chives for many of our summer salads and it’s always handy to have them just next to where we are cooking.
These cute little planters will brighten up your kitchen. They are also a great project to keep the kids busy on a rainy afternoon.
Keep reading to see how to make them…


  • Tins or cans
  • Paints
  • Brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Craft glue
  • Air dry or polymer clay
  • Eyes (optional – you can paint them on)
  • Bits and pieces for decorating (optional)

We used sequin tape, washi tape and some sparkly elastic to embellish our planters.


Step 1: Roll out your clay to form a little nose. If you’re using polymer, follow the instructions to bake it in the oven.


Step 2: Attach your nose towards the top edge of the can with glue and wait for it to dry before painting.


Step 3: Paint a base coat on your planter and allow to dry.


Step 4: Mask off the bottom of your planter if you are just going to paint it and not add washi tape. If you’re going to cover up the bottom half with tape or fabric, you can skip this step.


Step 5: Paint your planters bright colors. You can have blue faces or green faces – the brighter the better! Wait until the paint is dry before removing the tape. If you are painting the bottoms, mask off the top and paint the bottoms once the top is dry.SmileyHerbPlantersStep6

Step 6: Embellish your planters with tape, fabric, sequins, glitter or whatever else you have on hand. Attach your eyes as well.


Step 7: Plant your herbs making sure you have plenty of fresh soil. A handy tip would be to punch a little hole in the bottom of your planter to allow water to drain when you are watering it.


Pop your planters on a kitchen bench and enjoy some happy planter faces all summer.



Now, that is just TOO cute! How adorable, and I bet a whole window ledge of these smiling cuties over a kitchen sink would make washing dishes a bit more cheery. Love this!

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