Pastel Dipped Milk Bottle Vases

pastel dipped milk glasses DIY

I re-purposed the mini milk bottles from the flavored milk post earlier this week to make these pretty pastel dipped vases. I love how these look lined up together on a plain white tablecloth. They’d be particularly cute for a baby shower, or just a pretty bottle to drink something yummy out of.

pastel dipped milk glasses DIY


Check out this really easy technique for getting that perfect ‘dipped’ look that’s so popular right now…

PS Quick Update: I love Ashley’s idea on instagram to save up and re-use those mini starbucks bottles for this purpose!

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Hanalei Gene and Devon Cone


1. Clean off jars well (I bought my set of mini milk bottles here on etsy)
2. Grab a thick rubberband and wrap it around the bottom of the bottle so it’s a nice ‘dipped’ angle shape (see below)
3. Apply craft paint beneath the rubber band. I love this set from Martha Stewart
4. Apply a second coat. When dry, snip off the rubber band with scissors, which is better than trying to roll it off the bottle we found and potentially getting built up wet paint on the other parts of the bottle.

pastel dipped milk glasses DIY


Stop it! This is the cutest thing ever! I once took some old wine bottles and painted them with chalk paint. My brothers then stole them from me. I’m totally going to make these! Maybe I’ll do a few that are painted in chalk paint and then dip the bottoms in pretty colors. Love it!

Love these pretty pastel milk bottle vases! And love the flowers you chose for them. So pretty and inspirational! Thanks for sharing! M&K at

Very pretty and festive (especially with peonies in them!). And, I love the idea of upcycling frappuccino (or even glass soda bottles) to make them!

Really pretty and perfect for summer parties. Great tip about the rubber bands. I would have never thought to do that

These are so pretty and yes I agree a baby shower would be perfect time to make them!

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