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This post is brought to you by Playful Learning. Find a great selection of fun and educational classes for kids of all ages at Playful Learning Ecademy.

It’s been summer vacation for about two weeks and already Henry and I have knocked off a lot of stuff from his summer to-do list, a little too much in fact. I’m started to look at new activities for this busy kid to do! Mariah from Playful Learning (She spoke with me on my Alt Summit panel in Salt Lake this January!) came up with such a great concept for summer boredom-she created a whole series of online video classes just for kids and created by kids with educational and life lesson topics around topics of science, writing, cooking, and emotional health. Such a cool idea!

All of the classes at Playful Learning Ecademy start at only $17 and include a fun hour or less activities to complete, printables, and self-paced highly interactive video lessons created by kids for kids with unlimited access. So you could start it now and finish it after your summer vacation. Brilliant!

Here’s a list of a few of the classes that were just released or coming up within the month, I love the variety of topics:
Starting a Writer’s Notebook (Ages 6-11) (just started!)
Backyard Science Investigations (Ages 5-11) (by mid July)
Flavors of the Rainbow: Healthy Eating and Cooking (Ages 5-11) (my mid-July)
I think Henry would love any of these, but particularly the backyard science investigation one starting up next month. Any brilliant ideas to keep kids learning through summer vacation?


Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful site! I’ll be signing up for a lot of their courses and devouring the blog. 🙂

Love this for my nephews (I am constantly sending your ideas to my sister who, I’m sure, “loves” all of my unsolicited parenting.) =)

Tanya @

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