DIY Maternity Pants From Your Favorite Jeans

diy elastic maternity jeans
Liz Bryson of Cotton and Curls was living here in San Francisco for a few months and it was such a treat! I had admired her sewing blog for a while. She was here for fashion school and is now my go-to expert on all kinds of sewing and fabric questions. She’s amazingly talented and so I asked her to share a couple maternity projects here on the blog, for myself and any other pregnant ladies out there! Her first tutorial is genius, a simple elastic triangle sewed into the side of your regular jeans to convert them into a stylish maternity version (because, guys, the maternity jeans selection out there are not a pretty sight).

Here are her instructions:

elastic side
Pregnancy comes with a big belly and the desire to still wear pre-pregnancy jeans, so we dearly try to cover up those unzipped and unbuttoned pants in many different ways. Well, if you are anything like me when I was pregnant and get tired of squeezing into pants, this could be the perfect solution for you! Just add a few patches of elastic at the sides seams and done! You can easily still zip and button your pants and the added elastic keeps you comfortable.

Keep reading for the tutorial…

elastic side-011

1. Seam rip side seams 3 to 4 inches down and cut open the waist band. Keep the original seam allowance to fold later.

2. Place elastic in a similar color (you can buy elastic at any fabric store) behind the new opening. Measure elastic by adding how many inches you would like to your waistband, then divide by 2 for an equal amount on both sides. If you couldn’t find elastic wide enough, then sew 2 pieces elastic together at it’s widths.elastic side-015

3. Fold the original seam allowance back under. You will have to fold under just a tad more at the top of the pant to take under the waistband evenly with the rest of the side seam.

4. Pin to the elastic.elastic side-017

5. Sew a topstitch and 1/8th inch from the edge. I sewed a second stitch an 1/8th inch away from the first to reinforce it.

6. Cut off extra elastic (serge if you want to prevent fraying).

elastic side-003

The best part, you can remove the elastic and re-sew the seam up in your favorite jeans after the babe comes (well, let’s be honest, maybe it might take a few months before you don’t need that elastic anymore!)


This is great! Hey even if you don’t do it to your “favorite” pair to convert back later, this is a great diy for strictly preggo jeans! Who cares if you can’t wear them again afterwards….you can have awesome ones for whenever you are pregnant. Love it!

I do love this idea – it’s genius! That said, even though my weight gain been as recommended for both pregnancies, a shocking amount of it still goes to my BUM. This trick may work best for taller ladies who carry their weight a little more evenly — in which case, you lucky devils!! 🙂

I love a good DIY too, but from experience you’ll have less time to re-convert those jeans after the baby comes. I just used this (that my mum found for me) – different sized elastic belts work as you get bigger and smaller again 🙂 I also liked that they have belts for both formal pants/skirts and casual jeans.

Very true about the selection of maternity jeans out there. The options are cute $200 pair of jeans or horrendous $40 pair, why not something priced in the middle? I was lucky to score several pairs of the stylish $200 variety kind from a friend.

Of course going on the assumption that you can still fit in your old jeans after the pregnancy! I’m going on 10 months post-birth and still one dress size up from my pre-baby body. Thinking I may never be a size 36 again! 😉

xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

I tried to follow the links to check out Liz’s blog but they didn’t work. Off to Mr Google now. No baby on board here but I do love a good sewing blog.

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