DIY 4th of July Mini Chair Bunting

By craft contributor Rachael
4th of july bunting
I went to a wonderful party recently that had some beautiful minimal decorations just on the backs of everyone’s chairs. It made me feel like I had my own party just at my place at the table. With all of the 4th July celebrations sneaking up, I thought this would be an easy way to decorate on the day without too much fuss…


1. Star cutter
2. Ombre selection of cardboard in red, white and blue
3. Scissors
4. Thread
5. Ribbon or pom pom cord
6. Sewing machine


Step 1: Cut out all of your stars and place them in little groups next to your sewing machine.

Step 2: Pull your threads out a couple of inches before you start sewing your stars as you’ll need this thread to tie them up with.

Place your needle down in your first star and then sew them in one after another. I found going at a steady pace helps to keep the thread from catching between stars.

Step 3: Make as many mini star buntings as you need. Following the order of colors will make a lovely ombre effect.


Step 4: Lay out your stars and work out how long each side thread needs to be to get a drop effect.

Now sew your ribbon onto the ends – you’ll use this to tie the mini bunting to each chair.

Tie your bunting to each chair to make your own little party place for each guest.
You can have a cascade effect as well by sewing your mini bunting strands to your pom pom cord and tying that to your chairs instead.

All that’s left to do now is make some festive food and have a mini party right at your place setting!