Pregnant Behind the Scenes Stories

So on Friday I promised to share you some funny behind the scenes stories from a couple of the recent sponsored posts on how we were trying to cover up the pregnancy. Let’s start with the Redwood Hyundai video shoot. Because I was pretty early on, 6 weeks pregnant, I was really nervous about miscarrying and wasn’t comfortable climbing much at all on the tree and zip lining. It was kind of a bummer because I really have been wanting to do this forever! This was a shoot we had been planning for months and the Redwood tree climbing was our idea to begin with! Yikes, I was a little stressed about what to do up until the day of the shoot. Especially since I knew we’d be sharing this video here before I was comfortable announcing my pregnancy.

So, when we went up to Aracata for the shoot I had to pull the film crew aside and explain to them that I was a ‘tiny bit pregnant’ and if they were willing to do a little creative editing to make it seem like I was doing more than I actually was. HA! Luckily they were totally down (David Crowther and Casey Peterson you are the best!). I did end up climbing the tree a bit as you can see below, but then came straight down and they ended up doing a really incredible job editing it especially the zip lining parts which I didn’t do at all.

You’ll have to check it out again below to see what they did, and when I did climb it looked like I was a lot further up than I actually was. Yeah for fantastic video editing and perspective!

Hyundai Redwood Tree Climbing – Epic Playdate from Liz Stanley on Vimeo.
Keeping on reading to see how we tried to hide the baby bump and my massive weight fluctuation from the Old Navy shoots

My poor photographer, Tiffany, from the Old Navy shoot a couple weeks ago about white jeans! She is so great to work with but she totally had her work cut out for her. Not only were we shooting in mid day sun, but I popped out kind of early (I think I was 12 weeks in the photos) and was NOT fitting in those white jeans. Plus I had to do a pretty serious suck-in job while trying to hold a natural smile which totally did not work, as you can tell in this image below we didn’t end up using:


There were a couple points where Tiffany asked me if I felt comfortable in the clothes because I looked like I was in pain, and I kind of was! I vowed after that, no more fashion shoots until after I announce!

Also, the first Old Navy shoot about the spring tees? Oh man I was sooo sick. It was right before I found a medication that worked but I was throwing up multiple times a day and down 11 lbs by 11 weeks of my pregnancy. I looked pretty sickly in the shoot (below) in my opinion. Three weeks later was the white jeans Old Navy shoot above and I had gained a whopping 15 lbs between these two shoots! HA!


I’m so relieved to be able to let my belly hang out now and not have to hid this pregnancy any more! Hooray!


Oh my goodness, I love hearing these behind the scenes secrets!!! I never would have guessed in the Old Navy posts!! Great job 🙂 And that pink sweater shot is super cute. So happy for you.

That’s pretty impressive! Honestly, I know you’re a thin lady and I did not notice until NOW that there is any sort of anything around your belly in the white jeans shot! You look great, by the way 🙂

So fun to see all behind the scenes stuff! Hope you’re feeling better now! Morning sickness is really the worst, but it’s all worth it in the end, right? 🙂

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