DIY Mosiac Coaster

By craft contributor Rachael
DIY mosaic coaster
Happy Memorial Day! Now that summer is just about here, it’s time to freshen up your entertaining pieces and the easiest place to start is making some cute color-popping coasters. These mosaic coasters use easy to work with air-drying clay and only take a few minutes to make. It would be a great project to get your kids involved in too!MosiacCoasterDIYMaterials


* Small mosaic tiles
* Air dry clay
* Rolling pin
* Mat
* Small dish

MosiacCoasterDIYStep2Step 1 : Roll out your clay on your mat, making sure you keep it a level thickness. It’s best not to mess with the clay too much as you don’t want to get air bubbles that may spoil the look of your finished piece.

Step 2: Take your small dish and place it firmly on the clay. When you feel you’ve hit the cutting mat, lift it back up. You’ll now have a perfectly formed circle. You could do this with a cup too – it just depends on the size coaster you want.

MosiacCoasterDIYStep3Step 3: Now push your little mosaic tiles into the coaster in a random pattern. Make sure you press the tiles in firmly, but you don’t want to break through to the other side. Smooth the edges of your coaster with your finger gently once you’ve finished.

Step 4: Make a bunch of coasters and set them aside to dry. I found it helped to place a light book on top to keep them from curling up at the sides as they dried. Follow the directions of your air dry clay for drying, however, I found mine dried completely in three days.

Once your coasters have dried they are ready to be used at your first summer party!



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