DIY Acrylic Frame Clutch

By craft contributor Lauren


Word on the street (or Pinterest) is lucite and acrylic are the accessory to have. Sure, it makes it hard to hide the mess we all have floating around in our bags, but it also makes a fun showcase for those bright accessories we spend hours shopping for… and then almost nobody gets to see.
So pull our your favorite shades, wallets, and your lip gloss with the best packaging. This little clutch is made out of frames, so the contents should be worthy.
Keep reading to see how to make it…
Supplies: 2 acrylic box frames with inner cardboard removed, 2 metal hinges with screw attachments, 1 metal latch with screw attachment, 1 drawer pull with bolt attachment, washi tape, 2 drill bits match the sizes of the screws (for hinge and latch) and the pull and a saw (for metal).
Step 1: Hold the 2 frames together with the open sides facing each other creating the “box”. Place hinges over the center where the 3 edges meet and mark holes for the screws with a sharpie.
Step 2: Drill holes for both hinges with the drill bit slightly smaller than the screws.
Step 3: Remove hinges (don’t attach yet), turn the pieces over and lay the clasp where you would like it, mark where screws are to be placed with sharpie again and drill holes.
Step 4: Once all holes are drilled, start wrapping the washi tape around the outer edges of each frame (or apply tape in any design you’d like).


Step 5: Now attach all hinges and clasp with screws.
Step 6: Drill hole slightly above clasp to fit post of the drawer pull. Cut post down to size with a saw so it is only long enough to go through the acrylic and be attached with bolt. Insert pull and screw on bolt.
Now fill with your pretties and enjoy!




Those hinges….would I find them at a hardware store? Craft store?

Also, what type of drill did you use? Did you have any trouble with the acrylic cracking when you drilled it?

This DIY is so clever Lauren. I would have never thought to use acrylic frames for a clutch like this. Love it.

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