Shamrock Teabag DIY

By craft contributor Rachael

For me, St Patrick’s Day celebrations have always centered around morning tea at work – something green to eat and a lovely cup of tea.

This year I thought it would be fun to make some shamrock teabag dippers to make the table more festive. They only take a couple of minutes to make, but they add a whole lot of cute to your teacup.

Let’s get started with materials…

1. Green polymer clay
2. Clay knife or blunt kitchen knife)
3. Clay hole puncher (or toothpick)
4. Baking tray
5. Baking paper or cardboard
6. Mini Heart cookie cutter
7. Rolling pin
8. Peppermint tea bags
9. Cutting mat

Step 1: Condition your clay by rolling it along the bench with the palm of your hand until it’s nice and soft.

Step 2: Roll your clay with the rolling pin until it’s about 6mm thick.

Step 3: Use your mini heart cutter to cut three hearts. Then use your knife to cut a stem shape.

Step 4: Place your heart shapes and stem together so they are just overlapping and smooth the shapes gently together with your finger.

Punch a hole in the stem just big enough for your teabag string to go through. Place your shamrocks on a baking tray and bake following the instructions that came with your clay.

Step 5: Once your clay has cooled, rip the paper dipper part of the teabag off and thread the string through your shamrock instead. Tie a little knot on the back.

You now have a cute little teabag dippers sure to make your friends smile at morning tea. Don’t forget to save them for next year’s celebrations too.


aaaw this is cute not only for the irisch party but as well for sending people a well soon card . Really love it , it’s a brilliant idea, i love the teacups as well.
well done!!!XD

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