Egg Carton Flower Garland

egg carton craft easter We go through a couple extra dozen eggs each Easter so I thought it would be fun to make a craft out of the extra egg cartons instead of just tossing them into the recycling bag. This easy flower garland would be so pretty to hang for an Easter brunch to welcome spring.

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley, assisted by Hanalei

Keep reading to see how to make this pretty Easter flower garland out of an egg carton…


1. Empty carton of eggs
2. Scissors
3. Spray paint
4. String

There are only three simple steps:



1. Start cutting out the individual egg cups. When you do, make sure to shape them into pedals of all shapes and sizes. Some will look better than others. You can always take the scissors to them to make the pedals deeper.

2. Spray paint them pink!

3. Cut a small hole in the back with scissors and lace the string through, adding a knot between each one to keep them in place.


I love this idea! I have always wondered what to do with all of those cardboard egg cartons that we recycle each week. Perfect decor and gift for Springtime and Mother’s Day!

I keep passing up the real tulips in our local grocery store because I can’t bring myself to pay the price they are asking…but I think these could make me just as happy!

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