DIY Golden Egg Brunch Menu

By craft contributor Lauren


One of my go-to meals for celebrating a holiday is brunch. Especially around this time of year when you can enjoy the beautiful weather and all of the delicious fruits and veggies in season. I’ve hosted my share of brunches and one thing I’ve found to be very handy is a short and sweet menu. Make it a themed menu, and it can turn into a piece of party deco. With Easter just a few days away, try out one of these easy, but super chic, golden egg menu’s for your weekend entertaining.


Here’s how to make it…


Supplies: Thin piece of board, 1/64″ wood board from craft store shown, letter stickers, gold leaf foil, spray adhesive and a sponge brush.


1. Cut an egg shape from your board then apply your letter stickers to create the menu. The thicker the sticker the better as it will create more contrast once foil is applied. After letters are finished, spray a light coat of adhesive all over the face of your menu


2. Apply as many sheets of foil as necessary to cover the front of your egg, gently press with your sponge brush to adhere the foil to the board. I also pressed around each letter with my finger to ensure there were no air bubbles around the edges of letters. Run your sponge brush or finger around the edge of the menu and the excess foil will easily fall away. And that is it!


Display for all of your guests to see so they know what to expect (and so you don’t get asked 15 times what is cooking in the oven)


This is so darling…and what an original idea…the same technique could be used for many things although the golden egg theme is working quite nicely! Looks so pretty with all the dreamy white and pop of the orange kumquats.

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