Kids Craft: Valentines Day Heart Coasters

My mother is coming into town from snowy New York this week and staying through Valentines Day (hooray!). I was thinking of a little gift Henry could make for her (he’s been counting down the days to her arrival- they have a very special bond), and thought these heart coasters would be the perfect simple + sweet homemade Valentines Day gift from him.

Here’s how to make this simple kids project…


1. Red craft foam

2. Small doilys

3. Glue

4. Scissors + pencil

5. Heart shape slightly smaller than doily

Step 1: Trace and cut out hearts from the red craft foam, slightly smaller than the doily

2. Spray them all with glue

3. Stick into the middle of the doily

That’s it!


Beautiful! And lovely pictures- what camera do you have?

Hi Lindsay! I just got a canon 60d for christmas. It was a nice upgrade from my 30d so I’ve had a lot of fun using it!

These are so sweet and simple! The two words that makes it the perfect kids craft

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