DIY Love Letter Scroll

By craft contributor Ashley of Sugar and Cloth

In case you’re torn between a Valentine’s gift that says too little, or too much, this DIY scroll love letter says just enough! It’s simple to make, packs a big punch, and can be neatly tucked into an envelope. It’s the perfect finishing touch for any Valentine.

Let’s get started with the materials…

  • white canvas, cut to 24 inches x 3 inches
  • 1 sheet of adhesive felt
  • scissors
  • 2 mini dowel rods, 4 inches long
  • tacky glue

1. First, cut your letter out of the adhesive felt, leaving the adhesive backing on them. I cut my letters out free-hand, but you can chalk them onto the felt first if that’s easier for you. Another way to make sure letters are even is by cutting squares the same size and then cutting each letter from them.

2. Lay your canvas flat, and place a strip of tacky glue along the very ends. Place one dowel rod on each end once the glue is tacky.

3. Roll each dowel rod a half a turn, and then place another strip of glue along the canvas. Roll the dowel rod the another half a turn so that it will stay in place.
4. Lay out all of your letters onto the canvas where you’d like for them to go. One by one, remove the backing from each letter and press them firmly against the fabric until you’ve completed your saying.
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aaaw this is a cute and cool adorable gift to make. thanks for the tute and your sharing;-D

This is such a cute Valentine DIY Ashley. I have to agree with Michelle on this one – magic!

So sweet! Love the idea of making an old fashioned scoll as a love letter

My husband and I have been together for almost 13 years and we still argue over who loves who more, I love this idea. Thanks so much!

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