DIY Fabric Organizer Bins

 By craft contributor Lauren

With just a few days left until we make our way into March, I know lots of us get the urge to begin our spring cleaning and organize the home a bit. One of my organizing must haves is a great bin to catch all of those tiny things that may not have a home (change, buttons, bobby pins, jewelry, etc.). They work great in in drawers and closets, and the pretty ones look fab on your dresser or desk.

So follow along and see how you can get organized with a few pieces of fabric…

1. You’ll need a few squares of fabric (those “fat quarters” you can buy at the craft store work great for this and usually cost around a dollar!), some fabric stiffener, scissors, needle and thread. tip: cotton fabric is easiest to work with.

2. Cut 2 pieces an inch or two bigger than you’d like your final bin to be, then start stiffening. The brand i bought said to spray and wait an hour to dry, or use the microwave and heat in 30 second intervals (obviously i went with this option as i have no patience, it worked great and nothing caught on fire). Continue to spray and micro until you have received desired stiffness of your fabric. I went with around 5 rounds of this. And follow the directions on your bottle as they may be slightly different.

3. Glue the back sides of your fabric pieces together and press under a few books while it dries to get a flat finished piece. If you have a double sided fabric, you get to skip this!

4. Measure out a perfect square and cut.

5. Fold each side of the fabric in about 1-2″ depending on how high you would like the side walls of your bin to be. Then cut in diagonally from each corner to where the fold marks intersect, see guides in image below.


6. Overlap and fold in the corners where you just cut, this will create the corners of your bin. Now stitch each flap down to keep in place. and done!

7. Make small bins for items like paper clips in your office or bobby pins in the bedroom

And bigger versions for organizing your jewels.



I love this idea! I’m working on some new curtains in my bedroom, and I’d love to make bins for my bedside table and dresser in the leftover fabric.
I’ve never used that stiffener – does it hold up for a long time?

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