Rag Rug DIY

Jodi of the cute blog, A Yummy Life, approached me with this great project she did in her home and I thought it would be fun to share is with you guys.
This time of year I’m always itching to redecorate and Jodi found a really inexpensive way to add a colorful new rug to your home on a small budget.
Here are Jodi’s instructions…
Materials you need:
1. 9 Mainstay Kitchen Rag Rugs from Walmart. They were $4.95 each and they’re not with the regular rugs, they’re located on the aisle with oven mitts.
2. 1 large doll needle
3. Embroidery thread. I went with a silver color.
-Stitch two rag rugs together connecting the ends. Add a third rug creating a long strip.
-Create two more strips with the remaining rugs.
-Then stitch two of the longer strips together connecting the rug knots. This part takes a little bit longer as you have to stitch threw the knots of the rag rug. (It’s best when kids are asleep and you have a good show on)
-Add the third strip on the other side and voila you have an 8×10 area rug.
I know how expensive rugs are and I want a new one every few months it seems. This was an inexpensive way to create a colorful and fun rug.


I have been seriously considering doing this for a LONG time now! I live in an unbelievably dusty area and have large white tiles throughout my home. All the rugs I’ve seen that I would like to “invest” in are white based and would be trashed in no time with how dirty it is here. I’ve already picked up some rag rugs and have been toying with a large one for the living room. Thank you for furthering my motivation!

What a wonderful idea!! I’m always looking for ways to have huge rugs withouth pay huge amounts for it and this is perfect for that! 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing this new idea! I have several of these rugs left over a recent move, one could even make a long kitchen runner rug with these as well. Lovely kids! God bless and happy New Years.

I have/had family that works/worked at Walmart, Kmart, and Target. None is better or worse then the others. They all treat employees terribly, have lousy pay and benefits and sell products made in Chinese sweat shops. I take issue with the statement that she wishes she could buy the cheap rag rugs at a better store, like Target.That only validates the other, smaller chain’s poor attitudes towards their employees when you say things like that. One of the other stores made a woman, who said she was feeling ill, stay on her register. She died of a heart attack at that register. No management from that store showed up at the woman’s funeral. Please think before you write.

Hi Kathie! I’m sorry that offended you, I’m sure she just meant that as there’s been a lot of media about Walmart as a corporation lately though, but I’m sure all the other big box stores have similar issues it sounds like

Kathie, I’m so sorry. I should have explained myself better. The reason I wrote that was because I had to go to several Walmarts to find all of the rugs that I needed and since they’re all super stores it’s hard to go in and out for a quick trip with kids it tow. Target is just smaller. And I agree, my father was a Kmart manager growing up and I know how brutal they are to their employees. Hugs 🙂

Wow, this is such a great idea. I love that the rug is so different and there’s only one of a kind. xo, Maria

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