Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends! Hooray for 2013! Yesterday Jared and I spent a good part of the day organizing our budget, planning out travel plans, and recording goals for this year. We’re excited about 2013, are you?  In addition to bigger goals, we’re trying a new system of small goal making our friend Jared H told us about where we focus on one thing for a week. We’ve made a list of one week goal ideas like read for an hour a day, no sugar, eat vegan, write a love letter to a friend every day, daily morning yoga etc. I’m excited about this project. I’m hoping it’ll help me discover and re-discover things that I want to continue as part of my daily routine. Henry’s goal for 2013 is to lose a tooth. Ha!

Here’s to a fabulous new year!!

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First off, that photo is stunning.
And yes I love the idea of a mini list. One of my big resolutions is to draw more often. Perhaps I’ll make a point to draw at least once a week

Love the idea of drawing everyday. I’m horrible at it, I bet a week of drawing an hour a day would help! Great idea, I’ll add it to the list!

I love the idea of one week goals as a way to discover what things you want to turn into habits. So much more manageable than trying to find something to stick to for an entire year.

Happy New Year!

It’s so boring but my new thing is to do 1 load of laundry a day and it seriously has changed my life. I never feel overwhelmed or scared to go in the laundry room! So 2013.

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