Glittery Heart Patches

By craft contributor Lauren

Valentines Day is right around the corner. You’ve started buying fancy paper and ribbon to make your valentines, you’ve put up the heart garlands and filled your candy dishes with conversation hearts… but what about yourself? Show yourself some love and spruce up a sweater (old or new!) with some glittery hearts to show just how much you love this time of year.
Keep reading for the full tutorial…
You’ll need a sweater or sweatshirt (peach shown from old navy), leather scraps, sequins to match leather, and STRONG glue, E600 shown (think about how many times a day you put your elbows down on something, you don’t want these babies falling off).
1. Trace or draw a heart onto the back of your leather and cut.

2. Pick a design… polka dots and stripes are a few of my faves (if you’re ambitious, go for the whole heart!), and glue. Can’t get much easier than that.

4. Put on your sweater, bend your elbow and mark center with a pin, this will be where you want to center your patch.
4. For those of you that like simple and quick diy’s (i’m raising my hand), slap some glue on the back of your finished heart and attach. For those of you that like to go the extra mile, break out your needle and thread and stitch your sparkling number onto your sweater (cough, teachers pet).
5. Style with some casual jeans, red pumps, gold adornments, and you are good to go. Now find somewhere fancy and take yourself there to show of your new sweater!


I want to add leather accents to everything I own. What a great idea! I think this would work really well on a plain clutch I have and wanted to jazz up too! I adore Lauren’s style!

what a fun diy! I can’t wait to give this one a try. Too cute. Perfect for valentines day, too 🙂

this is my first visit to this blog, and i love it!

xox, amber

I’d love to know what brand that watch is. Love the sweatshirt too.

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