Happy + Sad Embroidered Mittens

I’ve been eyeing those cute Oeuf bunny mittens for a while and thought it would be a super simple project to embroider a happy + sad face on a pair myself.  I found a plain pair of gray mittens from H&M for only $5 a couple weeks ago which motivated me to finally do it!  Wouldn’t it make a cute gift for a winter birthday?

What would you embroider on a pair of mittens? I’m not very good at embroidery so I needed something simple. I’m hoping to experiment with a few other ideas though.

This pair of embroidered mittens is currently keeping my hands warm here in frigid Utah. We got here on Saturday for Alt Summit this coming week. I’m so excited to see everyone!

Keep reading for the step by step in photos..

For embroidery instructions, see my post here.

Thanks for Hanalei for modeling!


I want to do this to some gloves, but what can you put between the 2 layers so you don’t pull the needle through both? Not as easy as a embroidery cloth in a hoop, for sure.

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