DIY Hanging Planters

Contributed by  Ashley of Sugar and Cloth

With the dreariness of winter in Houston these days, I’m already dreaming of Spring. Until then, I’m making do with a few extra house plants that I hopefully won’t kill in the meantime. A DIY thumb I was blessed with, but a green thumb I was not, so if I can make this project work you can too!
 Here are the materials…

  • Succulents
  • Terrarium globes (at Michael’s Craft Supply $5 & $7)
  • Ornament holder (any craft store near the wood and glass section, $4)
  • Outdoor paint samples/liquid gold leaf
  • Decorative rocks


1. To the line the inside of the globes with paint, pour about quarter sized amount of outdoor paint or about a nickel sized amount of gold leafing into the globe and swirl it around by shaking the globe in a circle motion. Don’t pour any excess paint or leafing out, just leave it overnight to completely dry.

2. Once the paint is dry, fill the bottoms with a thin layer of soil, and then place your succulents inside. To be honest, this takes a bit more patience than you would think but it’s totally do-able. You can also use pliers to help place everything if your hands won’t fit. Next, place decorative rocks around the edges to cover up some of the soil and to tuck everything into place.

3. Now just place the smaller orb on the ornament hook and you’re finished!



These are so cute! Really need to get my hands on some of those little terrariums. I’d quite like to fill my house with them!

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