Alt Summit!

Hi guys! Having a fantastic time at Alt Summit! So much inspiration and wonderful people to meet! I’m heading out to some mini parties tonight, come follow along on my instagram (I promise I’ll post more than I have the last couple days!).

I wanted to share with you these letterpress business cards I had printed for Alt.  I didn’t realize what I was asking when I needed a four color letterpress job (ha!) but they turned out beautiful. My original logo for this site was done by Darling Design, and then Jared designed the actual cards. They were printed by Rowley Press, not an advertiser of mine, nor is this a paid endorsement but a company I would highly recommend. I love how they turned out. Have a wonderful weekend!


Liz, they turned out so great! I wish I’d known you printed these, because I would have begged you for one at Alt. Maybe I’ll send you a SASE and you can send me one? Only half kidding…! 🙂

I feel that letterpress is the unspoken way of saying you’ve arrived. They look great! I’m exited for the day that i have letterpress cards 🙂 for now i will live vicariously through you. 🙂

I hope you posted pics of you gettin’ down on the dance floor 😉

The cards are gorgeous! I know 4 color isn’t common for letterpress, but wow does it make a statement.

So it seems that in my attempts not to act like a stalker around you at Alt, I avoided you completely and didn’t get one of your pretty cards. Shame on me!

PS–Thanks for saying hi on Saturday morning. It was a rough day, and that helped enormously!

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