A Never Grow Up Morning

Last week before we left for Alt Summit, Henry and I had a Never Grow Up morning, inspired by the classic childhood film we all love, Peter Pan.  Henry helped me make a list of some things that we don’t normally do because they’re too messy and/or loud, and did them all in one crazy morning!  Henry was in heaven of course, and I found myself having a great time as well. Messy, shmessy- I think we need to do these things more often, we might need to make this a monthly event. After a few revisions, here was our final plan for the morning:

After eating all the marshmallows out of the cereal we starting working on the exploding volcano. Henry was so excited about doing this. We watched a couple videos on youtube first so he knew what to expect (it kind of freaked him out when I told him about it!). We had so much fun with it that we invited some friends over the next week to do it all again!

More on how to make the exploding volcano and our Never Grow Up morning after the jump…

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Here’s how to make the volcano (step by step under the photos):

Volcano Instructions:

1. Cut a hole in a plastic container about the size of a water bottle.

2. Cut off the top of a water bottle and place inside the hole as shown below. Place on a large baking pan.

3. Start applying clay to the outside of the container/bottle. This part isn’t totally necessary but it makes it looks more legit, and then you can stick things on the clay.

4. Add animals/trees/cars or other items your child your child wants in the volcano’s path (they can all be washed off afterwards).

5. Fill the bottle most of the way with hot water

6. Place a couple spoon fulls of baking soda in the water

7. Carefully add vinegar mixed with red food coloring and watch it explode!

8. Help your child write observations on what he saw happen: why did that giraffe fall over and the tree is still standing? What happened when we adding too much vinegar and not enough baking soda?

We kept the explosions going by continually adding more baking soda and vinegar until we were all out of both ingredients. A great activity, and easy clean up if done in a large baking pan.

Next up on our agenda, we made a fort in the living room. We’ve only done this a couple of times and never to the full extent we did this day.

1. First I took two brooms and attached them together with some rubber bands to create a kind of tent structure for underneath

2. Then we started adding all the blanket, linens, sheets we could find in the house. I used string and tape and anything else I could find to try and keep it up.

3. We read books inside together and then a movie in it later that night. Henry insisted on keeping it up for a couple days. Watching a movie inside was so much more fun than on the couch. I highly recommend it.

After the fort we had to take a break for preschool but had a kitchen band later that day with every pot/pan/spoon/spatula we could find. A whole lot of noise! Henry was delighted, he kept on looking at me like, are you SURE I’m allowed to do this?

I’d love to hear your ideas on a Never Grow Up morning. What activities would you, or have you done with your kids that make you feel young at heart? Dance parties? Water fights? Giant bubbles? Large scale wall art? We’re already working on another list for next time so I’d love to hear your ideas.


Love this idea. Love the idea of letting them doing things they’re never allowed to do!

Lovely post. My kids would LOVE it if we did this. My only concern is, do you throw away the box of cereal after you eat all of the marshmallows out of it? Cuz nobody’s gonna be wantin’ it after that!

Either way! I’d probably try to get him to eat the rest later, or give it to my husband (it’s still kind of sweet with the small marshmallow pieces left in it)

Oh, I love his innocence! What a sweet morning you two had together. That’s a great idea that I’m going to keep for when our daughter is older, but for the first time, I genuinely want a boy after reading this. Somehow, I think a Never Grow Up Morning is just more fitting with a little boy. <3 xo

Oh don’t you think your girl would like this stuff? my little nieces love exploding volcanoes! You also could do makeovers and dress up too

This truly made my day! I am currently studying abroad in Paris and I haven’t seen my little cousin or my little sister for almost 6 months! Kids/youth brings so much wonder to our lives and enriches them immensely! I miss this so much!

Thank you for sharing your Never Grow Up Morning with us! It really brighten my spirit!

Smiles and all the best,

Oh I just love this! I try to say yes to these kinds of things as often as possible but how much more fun for mom and little one to come up with a list and concentrate the mess/fun to one day. You’re rad!

It was fun for me too! I think we might make it a regular thing. When he asks to do something and i’m not in the mood for that kind of mess, we’ll add it to the list and have a day where we do all of them together!

This is the cutest idea ever. I’m saving this on my “future kids” Pinterest board. ha, even though it is way down the road for me, I still love this idea so much that I want to make sure to save it! And ok not going to lie, making a fort and eating all of the marshmallows first does sound quite fun. 😉

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