Quick and Easy Festive Tabletop

By craft contributor Rachael

With all the decorating going on around the house for Christmas, it’s sometimes easy to forget the tabletop is the perfect place for some festive cheer. This quick and easy tree tabletop decoration takes just five minutes to make, but has a huge impact for your guests when they sit down to enjoy your beautiful Christmas meal.

If you don’t have time to source some foam cones, you could easily fashion a cone from cardboard and use that for the middle of your tree as well.

Let’s get started with materials…


1. Foam cone (found at most craft and hobby stores)
2. Scissors
3. Dressmakers pins
4. Mini ornaments (again, found at craft and hobby stores)
5. Tinsel (nice and fluffy works really well)

Step 1: Pin your tinsel to the bottom of your cone first.

It’s a good idea to pin it as close to the bottom as you can so it fluffs out on the table a little bit and hides the bottom of the cone.

Continue up your cone until you reach the top, pinning as you go along.

Keep the tinsel close together so you don’t see any foam cone peeking through.

Step 2: When you get to the top, trim the tinsel and tuck in the end, pinning it securely so you don’t see the top of the foam cone.

Step 3: Pin your ornaments on now.

Don’t forget that your guests will see the tree from different angles, so make sure you pin your ornaments the whole way around.

You could layer a lot of ornaments on, or keep it sweet and simple with just a few decorations.

Ornaments that match the rest of your Christmas decorations will tie the whole theme of your home together beautifully and really make your guests feel festive.

Once you have finished, all that’s left to do is pop your tree on the table and check what’s happening with that Christmas roast!

The best part about this quick and easy tabletop idea is that you could whip up a few in no time.

When Christmas is over, you could store your foam cones and make different trees next year with a different colored tinsel and different ornaments.



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