Lazy Saturday Routine

We’re a generally pretty active family but every so often we have a nice lazy Saturday. It starts off (as most mornings do) with Henry sneaking into our room and grabbing one of our phones around 7am- usually Jared’s since he’s better about keeping fun games on there. Henry then heads back to his room, but eventually when we start to wake up he’ll come join us in bed and play games or watch a show. Our 2012 version of Saturday cartoons I guess!

Here’s what usually happens next…

What’s your lazy Saturday like?



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Someone gets up to pour cereal for Henry, and then we’ll usually get back in bed and check our emails/social media on our phones for a bit. Around 9am, Jared then usually makes breakfast. Pancakes, or scrambled eggs with the kitchen sink throw in. Henry eats a second breakfast (he eats most his calories before 12pm I think!). We’re still in pjs of course at this point.

At this point, if we’re feeling motivated we get dressed and head up to for a nice drive across the bridge, maybe up the coast towards Point Reyes.

But, if it’s truly lazy, we’ll stay home. Maybe Henry and I will bake something (he loves to bake with me), or maybe I’ll sit and meal plan for the coming week a bit and we’ll all clean up.

We usually get a little knock on the door around this time on Saturdays. Henry has a best friend who lives right below us (score! the raddest part about our apartment!). He’s just half a year older and therefore super cool. His friend is in full day school during the week so they don’t get to play much during the day except for Saturdays.

In the early afternoon it’s time to get out of the house. We live across the street from Golden Gate Park so Jared often takes Henry biking or scooting around. The entrance we live close to is by the Rose Garden so it’s a really pretty walk/bike/scoot over!

One of our favorite spots in Golden Gate Park is the cement slides at Koret Children’s Center. Henry loves racing down them on cardboard. It used to make me nervous (he goes pretty fast!) but he’s proven himself a skilled driver.

When we come home, Henry loves doing art projects so I like to have something handy for lazy Saturdays. We loved making this robot from Go Make Play. It’s time consuming, but that’s what lazy Saturdays are for, right? It’s still displayed on his shelf.

We usually eat out on Saturdays. One of our favorite places to eat is Giorgios Pizza (which Henry calls jungle pizza because there are vines hanging from the ceiling). It’s delicious and super kid friendly. He can have a tantrum and we don’t really flinch at all! They even have a gluten free version. We finish things off with ice cream usually (Joe’s in our hood or my new favorite The Ice Cream Bar) and a movie at home.

What are your lazy Saturdays like?


I love the paintings in the first picture…where did those come from?

A great post with a sweet look into your family life.

I grew up in this neighborhood – biking in the park with my dad on Sundays and going to Joe’s Ice Cream (before they moved locations) and getting pumpkin ice cream in the fall!

We usually have so many soccer games/baseball games/birthday parties going on with 4 kids it’s rare to have a lazy saturday but sounds nice!

what a cute picture of your boys. Ours usually involves Jared letting me sleep in while he makes pancakes. It’s nice to wake up to the smell of pancakes.

Love getting a peak into your Saturday! Very fun to live close to such an amazing park

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