Kids Craft: Nativity Puppets

I asked the ladies from Small Fry blog to share a kids holiday craft today! This nativity puppet show idea is really sweet and a fun reminder for kids of why we celebrate this wonderful holiday (spoiler: not just for the figgy pudding).

To make these puppets you’ll need felt, hot glue, toothpicks, wood beads, and paint.  Keep reading for the full tutorial from the Small Fry gals…
To make their bodies, cut out two identical pieces of felt. On the back piece of felt you will glue a toothpick up the spine so you have something to affix the wood bead head to. Once the toothpick is dry, outline the back piece of felt with hot glue, but leave the bottom open so you can use it as a finger puppet. Once the body pieces are affixed you can glue the wood bead head to the toothpick.
For the wisemen we added contrasting colored sleeves and gifts. For the shepherds a standard shepherd’s crook. For Mary and Joseph instead of cutting out two identical pieces of the same color felt, do one colored and one cream or neutral. Then add strips to the sides of the cream front to create the look of a robe.
For the angel, we cut out wings, added tinsel to her skirt and drew on rosy cheeks with acrylic paint.