DIY Felted Christmas Stockings + Giveaway!

felt stockings

Classic Christmas stockings are a tricky find and can cost a pretty penny for the ones you really want. Plus there’s the issue of adding on to your set as years pass. Do you have to find the same ones? What if they’re discontinued or if Grandma’s stops making them because there are too many grand kids to count?
That’s why making your own  set is my preferred method. I had fun experimenting with wool felting and came up with three ideas for handmade felted stockings. They each took under 45 minutes (compare that to about 8 hours to knit one) and I thought the result was really cute.

Also, Because I already have a set I knitted this past year, I’m giving these three to one of you. In case you or someone you know needs stockings and you don’t have time to make them yourself. Be advised, these are handmade and not perfect!

To enter, just pin an image from this post + leave a comment before Sunday night 10pm PST. Good luck!

Keep reading to see how to make these three felted Christmas stockings (in case you don’t get lucky and win them)…

Final images by Liz Daly

For the multicolored striped stocking:

1. Draw out your stocking shape onto scrap paper and cut out two pieces onto cotton fabric

2. Pin down two strips of paper to block off the area you want to felt.

3. Pick out the wool felt you want to use, lay the fabric down onto a thick styrofoam board and start jabbing the felt into the fabric with a felting needle. (PS I just bought this beginning felting set and it worked great)

4. Keep jabbing (each stripe took me about 10 minutes or so) until it’s matted down with little dots.

5. Continue with the next stripe.

6. Iron the back side first and then the front until the dots kind of disappear.

7. Sew the two sides together, right sides together and then turn inside out. Sew on a little loop (mine was with cute bias tape).

For the red stocking:

Follow the directions above but block off the top 4 inches, the heel and the toe with paper and pins the way I showed above to felt those specific areas. Remember to felt before you sew the sides together.

Green felt ball stocking:

This one was so easy! No felting required, just a few felted balls you can pick up from your local craft store or etsy. I just hand sewed each one onto the stocking. DONE! 15 minutes.



Love felted things and these stockings are beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!
I’ve pinned a photo on pinterest 🙂

These are so simply looking and gorgeous! I am GOING to make these. Thanks so much for sharing!

So amazing. I have been searching for stockings like this for my son, husband an I. I pinned a photo of it on my Pinterest LaurenBenoit. Please I would live to win

So inspiring! I agree completely about handmade so you can grow with them or update them, great ideas!

I am so curious a out trying to make these with wool, I love the styles you made!

So, uh, we are a family of three with plans of never-ever expanding. 🙂

Love the stockings, Liz!

LOVE these!! I have been wanting to make stocking for our family for YEARS. Every year I say I will then the holiday season gets all crazy on me. Now we have a family of four. These are so darling, I’d love to win them 🙂 {and I pinned it!}

I’ve been looking for some cute stockings for our now family of three! These are very sweet! Pinned. If I don’t win, I will definitely try my hand at making them!

Pinned! So cute! Getting married this coming year- so we are trying to come up with our own Christmas traditions 🙂

Wow these are so awesome, really love the Hudson bay inspired one!!

A good looking stocking is hard to find, but these are adorable.

darling. i am in desperate need of stockings for our family so these would good to good use.

I need 6 stockings for one of these would be wonderful!! Love them!

I’ve been needle-felting ornaments as fast as I can and these would be so sweet to included with them. Hurray for a felted Christmas!

We still don’t have stockings and my daughter is 2.5! These are great!

I love these! I bought canvas to make us stockings but I’m sure I could use it for something else…

adorable! i’ve been talking about buying/making stockings for a few years and it still hasn’t happened. would love to own these though 🙂

I just bought fabric to make stockings. I’m DREADING it. I don’t have the time or patience or motivation right now 🙂 these are quite fab.

love love love these! so simple and clean but so wonderful!

I’ve been looking for an easy, fast stocking idea. These are perfect! Thanks!

These are so cute! Would love to see them hanging in my house!

Love these and in desperate need to update our new family of ‘threes’ stockings:)

These would be so perfect for our stocking-less family of 3!

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