Family Photo Christmas Tree

Have you checked out the new blog Small Fry yet? It’s a fantastic kid style and craft blog by a team of super talented ladies (including my fashion shoot stylist, Emily Frame).
I asked them to put together a couple holiday kids crafts this month and here’s the first one: a family photo Christmas tree!

I think this would be a really cute way to help toddlers identify family and friends and a modern take on the traditional tree. I’d love to make one for Henry’s room so he can have his very own!


Using a circle punch (this one is 4inches) you can create a modern Christmas tree filled with your loved ones faces, memories from the past year, Christmases past or even a way to reuse pictures your friends and families send with their Christmas cards.

We added the antlers as the tree topper which you can download right here. Polka dots with fabric paint and a pencil eraser decorated the antlers.


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