DIY Hand Stamped Polka Dot Coverlet

I love the look of hand stamped linen and thought it would be fun to create a throw or coverlet using that hand stamping technique. It would also make adorable pillows! This would be a really lovely handmade gift for a mother, sister, or close girlfriend. I love how it looks draped on the edge of a bed or over the top of a couch (where ours currently is). You can use any kind of fabric but I thought linen looked really nice. Wash it a few times to soften it up before printing on it.

Final images by Liz Daly

Keep reading to see how to make it…


Linen, fabric paint, brush, scrap cardboard or craft foam


Step 1: Cut your linen the desired size for your bed or a throw for the couch. Tape off squares so you have a reference and lay it on some scrap paper or back of an old rug (because the paint bleeds through a bit)

Step 2: Cut a large circle out of cardboard or craft foam. Lather it up with white fabric paint using a brush

Step 3: Press hard onto the middle of your first square. I glued on a peg to hold it better so it felt like a stamp but it wasn’t really necessary.

Step 4: The color will be uneven but I like the look of it being hand stamped. You can always do touch ups afterwards if you’d like.

Step 5: Reapply paint after each stamp and continue stamping in all your squares. Let dry completely and hem edges if desired.


This is so nice! I already bought some linen and I will be making 2 to give to my sis and my mom! I was wondering how you left the sides look nicely rough like that? Just by pulling off some of the threads? Also, does Martha Stewart acrylic craft paint work for this? Thanks for all your crafts! Love them!

Super adorable! I love the look of hand stamped material. Hand stamped anything for that matter.


Hi, Liz! I recently started reading your blog and I’m really enjoying it. I love this idea because it’s simple and would work well with a little helper or two.

I’ve only worked with fabric paint a few times (enough to know that it’s supposed to stay put, but not enough to know that it actually WILL stay put upon multiple washings), so I’m a bit concerned about how long the quality will last. But I guess it all depends on how often it is being thrown in the machine. Have you ever washed this with other pieces? I wonder if it will damage other materials if they are washed together.

Hi Cristina! So I haven’t washed mine yet but I have made a lot of items with freezer stencil and they all hold up wonderfully. There are t shirts I’ve made for my son that have been washed dozens of time and although the paint does start to get worn it still holds up fine, it shouldn’t damage other materials but i’d wash it on its own the first time you do it

I think this might look better to me as pillows, or maybe a scarf? I think the linen is too lightweight for a throw. The color is gorgeous, and I love the effect that the washing has on the texture of the linen fabric. I must say, I love that you are always crafting new things.

Pillows would be adorable, I agree! It is very lightweight, that’s why I think a more decorative thing like a coverlet would work great.

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