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My thoughts and prayers are still with all those on the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy.  I just talked to my parents who live 30 minutes north of Manhattan and are on day 5 of no power with word that it might be another 7-10 more days before it’s restored. I can’t even imagine. My dad told me today that it’s a little like that Will Smith movie, I am Legend (did you see it? it’s creepy but a good one!). They try to go about their day like normal when it’s light out, but there’s this sinking, creepy, anxiety-ridden feeling that the dark filled night is lurking a couple hours away- where your only light is a head lamp, and communication with family once you leave your office and head to the dark suburbs is virtually non existent. My mother finally found a car charger in stock at the Walmart a few towns over. She’ll be able to use her cell phone now, as long as their cars still have gas. There is plenty of food though for right now. Freezer food is thawing and people are giving away fancy steaks and all sorts of stuff left and right- if you have gas to cook them, luckily my parents do. My dad says they’ve been eating like kings, but not for long. Next week will be another story when the freezer food is gone…food storage time.

And poor Hoboken! The square mile city that floods in even the smallest storm, being situtated below sea water, is just devastated and my heart goes out to any of you or your friends and family in that area.

My two siblings that live on the upper east side of Manhattan never lost power and things kind of went back to normal on Wednesday, besides a few trees being down and long lines for buses- living on the light side of Manhattan and all. This Times article about the light and dark Manhattan is fascinating + some amazing real photos from Sandy.

For those of you in Sandy’s path, I’m curious to hear what this crazy week has been like for you, and do hope you’re safe and dry. Also, here are some ways to help.


I’ve been thinking about you and your family since Sandy, Liz. Good wishes to all.

It has been such a hazy week. I am in bergen county NJ and we lost power, internet, and tv….but luckily nothing fell and no one was injured. It has been very erie to drive down RT 17 in complete darkness. A place that has some sort of light illuminating it even at 3am. The darkness does bring a very creepy and unsettling feeling with it. We are not used to it since there is always light from something. But when you cannot even see your hand in front of you it really throws you off wack. I clapped and danced around when the power came back in my home, but had no idea what day it was. So quickly I lost track. Glad to hear you are safe. Sending hope and healing to your friends and family.

yes, good luck, I hope everything gets better soon 🙁 🙁
I can’t imagine myself with elecrtricity these days… your parents must be freezing…
thanks for sharing and a big hug

We just got power in NY and so happy for it too. What a crazy, scary week

What an horrible storm. I’m glad they cancelled the marathon this weekend. It wouldn’t have been right. Hope your parents are doing okay

Thank you for this. I hear Hoboken was greatly affected and thought of you. Glad your family is safe. hopefully they’ll be out of the i am legend land soon

We finally have power in CT but sorry to hear your parents don’t.

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