Holiday Bingo Game

When Henry and I flew to New York last month I picked up a travel sized bingo game for the long plane ride. The images on the boards were simple and easy to identify for a 4 yr old, and he loved it! We still play it on a regular basis around here.

I thought it would be fun to make a holiday version of the bingo game to play,  and a great thing to add to your advent calender activity list!

I asked my talented sister Becca to draw those little holiday images for it because anything hand drawn is adorable in my book and she is amazing at hand drawn stuff.

Best part? I’ve created a printable pdf of these game boards so you can make a set for your family as well.

Keep reading for the printable pdf and instructions…


These holiday printables are brought to you by HP.  Make other easy printable projects at HP’s Holiday HQ.



1. Download the pdf right here. Print it out on your home printer onto thick card stock. The pdf includes 4 game boards and additional images to glue onto a dice.

2. Cut out the game boards and images at the bottom of the pdf.

3. Hot glue the pieces onto an unmarked dice. There are six images, so each side should of the dice should have one image.  I found my glass dice below at a local craft store. You could also cut these images into cards, put them in a pile, and pick one for each turn if you decide to not go the dice route.

4. I found little red bingo markers at my local craft store as well, but you can use anything! Beans, glass beads, pieces of paper, hardened mac + cheese noodles from the kitchen floor (what?).

5. To play: Put all the markers in a pile in the middle for everyone to share (you’ll want at least 50 or so). Take turns tossing the dice and when it lands on a picture, everyone takes one marker and puts it on one of those pictures on their own sheet. The next person takes a turn with the dice. When someone gets 4 markers in a row, they yell ‘bingo!’. You can continue to see who can fill up their whole sheet first as well.



These are adorable! We love playing bingo and this looks perfect for kids. Printing put now!

So cute!… but the .pdf link isn’t working for me. I get a “page not found” type of response.

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