Holiday Advertising + A Couple Notes

Hi! Just a couple new things I wanted to draw your attention to going on around here:

1. I have a few more spots left for holiday advertising in November and December. Ads are 150 x 150 or 150 x 300 on the right sidebar over here listed under sponsors ——————>

My rates are for small businesses in mind, and this month I’ll be donating $50 to The Red Cross Hurricane Sandy relief for every shop that signs up (PS a little update on my parents in NY). So you can promote your shop and lend a helping hand at the same time (win! win!)

2. A new ‘heart it’ button! It’s under each post and acts just like the instagram heart or facebook ‘like’ button you’re familiar with. You don’t have to be signed in or identify who you are to ‘heart’ a post. Easy peasy.

Of course you’re always welcome to comment as well, but this is a quick option of giving a post a little love. It also helps me know what stuff you really like so I can create better content!

3. I’m experimenting with a new ad unit via Federate Media which shows up as a video at the bottom of the most recent post. I’m still a little uncertain about it so hang in there with me while I work things out over here!  It’s always scary to add new advertising units and I hope you can bear with me while I experiment with a few things to see what makes most sense for this blog.

Thanks guys! Huge thanks for being so supportive of Say Yes to Hoboken with all the changes and transitions happening this past year. You’re the best!

Love, Liz


Hi! I’m glad your parents are doing all right after the storm. I go into the city for grad school and I’ve heard some horror stories lately. It’s heartbreaking to hear.

Love the new heart it button! I was wondering how you added it to your blog.

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