Gift Guide: Your Techie + Outdoorsy Husband

Gifts for guys usually includes a good deal of electronics which is near impossible for me to pick out on my own. I asked Jared to share some of his wishlist items from Best Buy to help you get ideas of things to check out for your own husband/boyfriend. Making Jared put together a wishlist makes my job way easier when it’s shopping time. Do you make specific wishlists for your partner to pick from or do you not-so-subtlety hint at things throughout the holiday season? “Boy oh boy, if I only had a decent toaster I’d be much more cheery in the morning”.

Here’s Jared’s list and a few of his notes:

1. iPad Mini “duh”
2. iPhone-Controlled Helicopter “duh”
3. Samsung TV “Liz won’t let me get a tv larger than 40”. NOT COOL. This 55” one would be much better”
4. Macro IS USM Lens “Awesome. You can make movies like this
5. Slide and Film Scanner “I have tons of old slides/negatives i’ve been meaning to scan FOR FOREVER”
6. Call of Duty Black Ops II “So I have something to do when H/Liz are OOTO”
7. Spot Messenger This uses satellite technology to keep in contact with family / emergency services when you’re in the boonies which is good for adventure-time so Liz won’t be worried
8. Garmin GPS “Another good thing for any activity that involves moving over large areas of space ie camping/skiing/paragliding/backpacking et cetera”
9. Bose Wireless Speaker “This is so you can listen to music via your iphone/laptop in any room of the house…no wires + portable + good sound = awesome”
10.Pocket Projector “For when you want to project things (ALL THE TIME)”

Gift Guide graphic and layout by Ashley Aikele
This post is sponsored by Best Buy. What will your gift do?



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