DIY Tassel Necklace

By craft contributor Claire

 Because we’re all about finding great holiday gifts at the moment, I thought it might be fun to put together an easy little gift DIY that’s sure to be a hit! These tassel necklaces are super easy to make, and are a quick, cost-effective gift for just about anyone! Or you could just make some for yourself to compliment all your cute holiday outfits.

Here’s how I made it…

– Wool or string
– Scissors
– Beads with fairly large holes (1.5 – 2mm)
Step 1.
Take the end of your wool and start winding it around 3 of your fingers (or more if you want it longer). Wind it around 5 or 6 times before slipping it off your fingers, being careful to keep the middle open. Cut the end.
Step 2.
Cut off a new piece of wool, approximately 6.5ft long (it’s easier to cut string off later than to add string!). Thread one end through the middle of the wool loops you just made and pull it through until it’s roughly half way.
Step 3.
Pick up the loops and make sure the long piece of wool is at the top.
Step 5.
Now you can take the two loose ends of the long string and feed them through one of the necklace cones (use the collapsible eye needle if it helps). Pull the cone all the way down the strings until it covers the top of your tassel. Follow that with a bead or two. Cut the ends of the loops to form your tassel!
Step 6.
Lastly, to continue the beads up the two sides, tie a knot in the same place on each side and thread a bead onto each (the collapsible eye needle really helps here!). Follow that with another knot and another bead until you’re happy with it. Once you’ve finished, you can try it on by tying the ends into a bow at the back. Once you’ve got your desired length, cut off any excess string.
Say Yes to a Handmade Holiday Graphic by my sister Becca Ricks


Hi !
I am french and can’t find any jewel scone in Paris 🙁
Do you have a eshop adress for that ?

Thank you !


thank you so much for sharing!
it looks so elegant.
you just gave a whole new meaning to why i keep collecting the cone shaped tips of broken pens…:)

Great series, fun idea. I want to make them for my quilt too!

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