The Temporary Polka Dot Tights Trick

I’m liking the polka dot tights trend right now, but as with most trends, I’m a little uncertain how I’ll feel about it in a few months so I came up with a brilliant idea to make a temporary pair!

It comes off immediately in the wash but won’t rub off on the couch or on your date’s pants. Here’s how I made them in three super easy steps…

Photos by Kate Skogen of JetKat Photography

Have you heard of chalkboard markers? They’re pens that are a little more permanent than a piece of chalk and work perfectly for something like this.

Step 1: The tip of the chalkboard marker is round,  so you just need to put the tights on and dot yourself like crazy all over (You’ll have to wash your skin underneath. After you scare your friend that you’ve come down with a rare disease of course).

Step 2: Then wait for a few minutes for the ink to dry a bit. Take off the tights and use them as much as you want, until you’re sick of them and miss your solid color tights you had before. The chalkboard paint once it dries only comes off in the wash! I wore mine 3 times I think before I washed them.

Step 3: Wash your tights and you’ll see no trace of your trendy polka dots!


What a great idea! I’m the same way – I never know if I’ll get sick of something so it’s hard for me to invest in trends sometimes! This is a fab look though!

this is so fabulous! thank you so much for sharing. i just ordered one of these chalk pens for a different project, so i am happy to have something else fun to try!

This is so fun! I always like to try trends out before investing. This is a fun and clever way to do just that.

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