Giant Spooky Spiderweb

With a couple extra days to prepare for Halloween, Henry and I worked on a giant spooky spiderweb on Saturday to capture any ghosts or ghouls haunting the hallways. We were decorating for Halloween while new floors were being installed in our kitchen (as you can see from the piles of stuff in the background). It was kind of chaotic, but a fun way to feel festive amidst the sawdust and relocated appliances (and the floors turned out beautiful btw!).

This huge spiderweb only requires 10 minutes two supplies: string and scissors! If you’re stuck in doors due to frankenstorm, this would be a really fun activity to entertain kids with. We chose a doorway that we don’t use all too often, but you could also do a corner of a doorway, or side of a doorway as well.

Despite my warning of getting stuck and be eaten by a giant spider, Henry still tried to mission impossible his way through the web.

Keep reading for instructions on making your own!

Cut pieces of string and hang them from at least 5 corners. Make a round circle in the middle and attach them there as shown above.

Take another long string and tie it around the center circle, making a knot at each intersection with the string. Continue until you come back to the start. Make another lap around a foot or so away.

Attach creepy spiders and insects or a giant spider I’ve seen in drug stores and grocery stores



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