DIY Metallic Infinity Scarf

By craft contributor Rachael

I was pretty excited when I came across this lovey metallic fabric transfer paper and I knew instantly an Autumn infinity scarf was the perfect project to make with it. Also very festive for Halloween!

Infinity scarves are the easiest sewing project you can make for the colder months and once you create your fabric, you could whip a whole bunch of these up for Christmas pressies.

Keep reading for the full tutorial…

I’ve used a triangle shape to create my design, but you could use whatever shape you want. There are also a lot of lovely colors in this transfer paper which means you can design your scarf just the way you like it.

Firstly, the materials:

1. Knit fabric
2. Matching cotton + sewing needle (or sewing machine)
3. Metallic iron-on transfer paper (I used a product similar to this)
4. Parchment paper
5. Scissors
6. Ruler (optional)
7. Iron
8. Dressmaker’s pins

Once you get the hang of how to use the paper, this project is really easy!

Step 1: Grab your metallic paper and cut out your shapes.

I found it easier to cut strips and then divide them into triangles.

You could use a ruler here, but I went freehand and it worked out fine.

Step 2: Cut your scarf to the desired size – I used one yard in length.

Peel the protective layer from your metallic paper and place your triangles onto your fabric.

Follow the directions of your paper for the iron setting, then cover your triangles with parchment paper and iron them onto the fabric.

Work your way down the fabric creating your pattern as you go.

Step 3: Using your needle and thread or a sewing machine, it’s now time to sew your scarf together.

Placing the right sides together, sew along the raw edge from one end to the other.

Step 4: Now turn your scarf the right way out and pin the open ends together.

Sew these ends together until you can’t sew any further (it will be a couple of inches depending on the width of your scarf.

Step 5: To sew the scarf closed, fold under the remaining open section and use a neat slip stitch to sew the ends closed.

Don’t worry to much if it’s not perfect as you won’t see this section when it’s wrapped around your neck!

When you’re done it should look like this:

Now you’re ready to wear your beautiful, originally designed scarf!

This fun scarf will keep you warm and cozy all Autumn through.

PS Go Giants!


What a fab tutorial, hope I can find some metallic iron-on paper. Can’t wait to make it.

I love it! I’ve never heard of the metallic iron on sheets… this gives me some ideas 🙂

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