DIY 15 Minute Polka Dot Pencil Skirt

Long, stretchy pencil skirts (or tube skirts as they called them in the 80s) are a hot trend right now. Since they’re stretchy, I thought of resurrecting Susan’s elastic waisted skirt tutorial and adjusting it to make a stretchy pencil skirt. It was super easy, and took only 15 minutes to make. Including a short chocolate break.

For these final product images above, I teamed up with photographer Kate Skogen of JetKat Photo

I love this polka dot stretchy jersey print I found and think the skirt is perfect paired with some booties, a button down chambray shirt, and a comfy cardigan for fall.

The length of the skirt is key! It should hit right below the knee. Not shorter, not longer. That’s why making your own is great. You can make it the perfect length for your body.

Sweater is Zara
Chambray shirt is thrifted
Boots are Sam Edelman c/o Tog and Porter

Keep reading for the full tutorial…


pourrais je avoir le patron de la jupe crayon taille elastique merci

I think she meant to sew it with RIGHT sides together Kristi, not wrong. Must have been needing the chocolate about then 🙂

by “wrong” she meant inside out so that when you flip it right side out you wont see the seam

Great skirt!! Quick question – why do you pin & sew the wrong sides together? Don’t you want the seam to be on the side of the skirt, not the outside?

I love this skirt, and you’re right about the length! I am 4’11 so finding thing that fit in length is a huge problem. I am from the peninsula and I have a hard time finding good fabric, what fabric stores do you recommend?


freakin awesome! can not wait to try this. im totally in need of new things to wear while nursing a baby so this would be such a fun way to spruce things up. muchos gracias!!

This is so cute. However, I especially love that you took a chocolate break during your 15 minute project, hahaha!

Super cute, Liz! I love the whole ensemble. Where did you find the adorable polka dot fabric?

Is + Was

Hi Jessica! I just got it from my local fabric store. Just make sure whatever you get that’s it’s pretty stretchy! This jersey was barely stretchy enough, I would have liked a little more lycra if I was to do it again

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