Bing Blogger Challenge Report

This past week I’ve been using Bing as my search engine, participating in the Bing Blogger challenge. I’ve been traveling in NY this past week so most of my searching was done from my phone. I downloaded the free Bing app. At first it was a little annoying having to open the app as opposed to going to the browser on my phone, but after a few times using the app it asked if I wanted to use Bing as my default browser (Sure, Ok!). It was really easy from then on…

Here are some examples of how I used the mobile search in New York:

The browser from the phone felt very similar to google. I could view images, maps, news, etc. The news section I really liked! We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (first time ever!) and for a while I couldn’t see a great place to get a picture so I searched images over 4G of the Brooklyn Bridge to get an idea of where others found good angles to get a picture.

Turns out the middle of the bridge is best and a lot less crowded (tourists tend to stay close to either ends). My Spencer who lives in NY carried Henry for a good part of the way on the bridge. A good brother!

There were a few couple features that I really liked about the mobile Bing search engine.

The maps not only showed locations for all the Magnolia Bakeries (I knew there were a couple uptown but couldn’t remember where. I was craving that banana pudding!) but also listed the different locations below and highlighted each one as you clicked on the map.

The next day I was trying to find the uptown Zara by Rockefeller Center. The 34th street was under construction (I had been walking from a presentation at my ad network, lugging my computer and change of clothes from 26th street to get there too! I know that doesn’t sound far but I was so annoyed to find out it was closed). I was tired and just wanted to hop into a cab and get a treat. Bing has this great feature on their app where you can search what’s nearby, like cafes and restaurants. Super helpful!


The best part about the search engine on the PC is the social media aspect, it’s totally helpful! For example, before we walked Brooklyn Bridge I did a search to try the section on that right side, under people you know heading. There were several people on twitter and facebook that had good tips about the bridge. That’s where I found out about the Brooklyn ice cream factory after Grimaldi’s Pizza (best pizza ever)!

Do you use Bing? I’d love to hear your feedback as well on the search engine vs. google.


you and your family look lovely in the brooklyn bridge pic 🙂
Whenever I go to NY I feel I have to cross the bridge, I think it’s one of my fave things to do in the city. It’s great to do it in the twilight hour. then once you are in Brooklyn you have to go to Water Street and have an ice cream and enjoy the views from the River Cafe 🙂

Bing looks interesting to use i’ll give it a try Liz

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