Bing Blogger Challenge

I’m partnering with Bing this week to try a fun challenge in the way I normally search online. Like most of us, I’ve always googled, but this week Bing challenged me to do all my searching on Bing and then give an honest report at the end of the week. I’m curious to see what I find out. Their social media integration, a column devoted to what your friends in social media platforms think, seems really interesting (and I’m already a huge fan of their bing travel site where it tell you the best times to buy your plane ticket). You can try the Bing Challenge blind comparison right here and I’ll report back about my experience with Bing next Monday!


I just took the bing challenge a couple weeks ago! I took it three times and chose google two out of three. . .It’d be interesting to do a survey on what kind of personalities choose which. I’m sure it means something about us that our searching is so important to us (:

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