Here’s Halloween! Henry wanted to be a ghost this year (last year he was a bat, and the year before an owl). He’s been talking about being a ghost for months, and I’ve been kind of dreading his final reaction all along…

I knew it probably wasn’t going to be quite as he had imagined, since I can’t very well let a 4 yr old walk around with a sheet over his head. On top of that, I literally had 2 hours to make it together before a party on Friday. Sure enough, “this isn’t scary enough, mom” and we’ve been trying to convince him otherwise ever since:
“You’re scary because you’re invisible! That’s why!”
“It’s the ‘boooo’ that scares people the most so practice that part!”
“If you don’t wear the costume you’re not getting any candy”


With my travel plans changing we had a little more time to decorate. Chalkboard pumpkins,  the giant spider web, styrofoam spiders, and a glowing skull. We even got black and white floors just in time! Four yr olds really eat this stuff up, it’s so fun. More creepy spiderwebs! More spooky pumpkins! More glittery skulls! More cloth ghosts! Henry and his friend downstairs are completely convinced we’ll spook out the whole neighborhood with our (barely acceptable) decorated stairwell.

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