DIY Spotty Pillowcases

By craft contributor Claire of Fellow Fellow

It’s no secret that I LOVE anything spotted (and it seems like Liz and I have that in common!)… and these pillowcases are no exception! They do a great job of brightening up my bedroom, and make me so happy just looking at them!

Here’s how you can make some too…

– Blank cotton pillowcase/s (pre-washed, dried, ironed)
– Old cardboard or newspaper
– Fabric paint – like this fluorescent pink or this set
– Small bowl for paint
– A pencil (or something else to stamp with)

*I think the fabric paint I used was actually meant for airbrushing, so it was quite runny and bled a little bit. A slightly thicker paint would probably be better.

Step 1.
Spread out your pillowcase and place folded newspaper or cardboard inside to stop the paint seeping through to the other side).

Step 2.
If necessary, put your paint into the small bowl. Dip the end of your pencil into the paint and stamp it onto the pillowcase. Keep doing that until the whole pillowcase is covered. Allow to dry overnight.

Step 3.
Once the paint is dry, take the newspaper/cardboard out, and set the paint according to the instructions (For me it was ironing the print inside out for a few minutes).

Step 4.
Once set, wash and dry your pillowcase before putting it to use!


Must try! Seriously adorable. Lucky for me I have two little girls who would love polka dot pillowcases! 🙂

I love hat elephant pillow even more than the polka dot ones! Did you make it too or did you buy it somewhere?

I would love to hear and see something about the elephant pillow – it’s so cute! Did you make it by yourself? Do you have any patterns?

The little elephant pillow was actually a gift from my husband’s parents! They bought it on their way through Bangkok. 🙂

Adorable! I too am a huge fan of a good polka dot. Unfortunately my husband isn’t so much :/

Really? It’s that easy? This looks supertastic! Such a wonderful turn out! I’ve got to try these on my own! Thanks so much for sharing and I love the idea of the fluorescent pink!

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