DIY Geometric Lamp Shade

By craft contributor Rachael of Penelope and Pip

Hi everyone! Rachael from Penelope and Pip here. I’ve become very smitten lately with the idea of adding some geometric light shades to my studio. I wanted something bare so that plenty of light shone through and thought what else could be simpler than a 3-D square shade. As we are using balsa wood, this lampshade requires no glue or nails which makes it a very easy DIY.
The best part of this project is once you make your frame you can always swap your colors if you need less neon next season.

Let’s get started with materials:

You will need:

  1. Twelve 10″ balsa wood sticks (or you can buy some larger ones and cut them to size with your craft knife).
  2. Neon yarn of your choice
  3. Small gauge wire
  4. Wire cutters
  5. Sticky tape like scotch

Get those yarn wrapping helpers ready (possibly you might need to bribe them with some chocolate!). This is a great project for a rainy afternoon.

Step 1: Make sure all your wood pieces are exactly the same size and then start taping four pieces at a time together to make two squares.

Step 2: Place one of the squares on the bench and attach a piece of the wood in each corner. Make sure you don’t have any sticky tape showing in the corners that face out as these will show in the finished piece as they are left bare.

Step 3: Now tape the other square onto the top of your frame. This is where it is really important to have all your pieces the same size of your square will no longer be at right angles!

Step 4: Now start the wrapping. This does take a little bit of time if you do it on your own (hence my suggestion of some helpers above). It also helps if you cut long pieces of wool and use double the yarn thread – this really speeds up the process.

TIP: Continue along the arms of the light shade and wrap around the corners. This gives a lovely neat look and makes the light shade a lot more sturdy.

Keep wrapping until you have the whole shade covered.

Step 5: Now you are ready to attach your wire which will be used to hold your lamp to your ceiling light fixture. Cut a piece of wire one inch longer than the diagonal width of your shade. Twist it in the middle so that it forms a little loop. This is what you will use to affix the shade to your light fixture.

Make two of these.

Step 6: Push your first wire into the inside corners of the top of your fixture. You could add some glue to it before you push it in if you want it to be extra sturdy.

Repeat this step for the other wire, pushing it into the opposite corners.

Now hang your light shade and enjoy it’s geometric beauty!


Hi Jessica – it is a beautiful colour isn’t it! It was just a remnant I had in my stash so unfortunately I am not sure what yarn brand it is, but I kbow there are loads of neons in the craft stores at the moment. My tip would be to get a nice thick one as it covers more space which means less wrapping!

this is so wonderful, a great way to cheer up a room

Gah – that shade of pink! 🙂 Amazing. What brand of yarn is it ?

such a lovely idea and looks incredibly professional. might just have to give it a go

that is so happy! love the neon and the simplicity of it. i always want to make lights but am afraid to try. maybe i will have to get over it. ha!

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