Window Painting

My good friend Kendra Smoot sent over these photos for a fun kids projects done by her and Chaunte Vaughn for those lazy days when it’s too hot or cold to head outside. I thought they were a great way to get kids excited about art so Kendra and Chaunte graciously let me share them with you today! The idea is inspired by old school painted windows- the kind you’d see on a little diner or gas station with some kind of holiday decoration on them.

They used the cheap tempera paints that classrooms use.  Masking tape on the window frame helps to protect the molding, and an apron or smock is a good idea if your kid is on the young side. They also laid down some newspaper on the ground for accidental spills.

Use a paper plate for the “palette” and then just add a little paint- small amounts (quarter-size) help from the mess getting out of hand.

Once you’re ready to clean the window, use warm water with a drop of dish soap and a wet rag. Cleans up super easy with a couple of passes.


This is lovely. I often work with liquid chalk pens on windows, which can be a lovely way to decorate for celebrations or make announcements (i.e. Happy Birthday or I love you etc).

Also you can use acetate to make smaller artworks that you can then attach to window if you feel nervous about working directly onto the window but this sound much more fun!!!


What a great idea! My kids would just die if I let them do this. I’ll trust you that it’s safe and will come off!

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