Summer Craft Projects

I love summer craft projects! I’m working on a fun craft series I’m excited to share with you and this weekend I also made this this notebook onesie that I think turned out pretty cute (my tutorial on making one here). I was going through my archives and thought I’d share a few of my favorite DIY project ideas that would be perfect to try on a summer afternoon:

1. Bowtie Headband 2. Bunting Crayon Roll 3. Leather Fold Over Clutch

4. Cloth Bread Bag 5. Freezer Stencil Placemats 6. Big Bow Pillow

7. Boxy Makeup Bag 8. Paint Chip Mobile 9. Rainbow Felt Table Runner

What summer craft projects do you have up your sleeve?


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I just love all your projects! I’ll certainly have to make that makeup bag when I have time.
I have tons of projects going on around here, all wedding related!

Very cute projects. That notebook onesie is adorable too.

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