Our Avenues Home

Five years ago we bought this beautiful Victorian home in the Avenues of downtown Salt Lake City. We renovated it (when I was very pregnant), brought Henry home from the hospital to it, rented it out when we moved to San Francisco and now we’re selling it. I’m a little weepy about the whole thing, and hope it can find an owner that loved it as much as we did. If you know anyone looking for a home in that area, please pass along this listing info.


Having been in this house, I can say that it is SO great. Lots of space and amazing character and charm. No wonder it’s hard to say goodbye.

Oh man, I wish I had the money to buy your house. It is very beautiful, you and your husband did an awesome job. I told my husband once that if we ever move down(we are up in Ogden) to Salt Lake that I would love to be up in the avenues. he agrees with me on that. the beautiful old mansion homes with all that wood working. I will pass it on to others, and see if anyone on my facebook page is looking for something like this. Good luck on the sell.

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