DIY Felt Initials

By craft contributor Michelle Edgemont

Michelle here! This DIY is all about making something individualized and colorful for your home. Using felt, we’re going to create a bold, striped initial to liven up any bare wall.I can envision this project being perfect for a modern nursery, above each child’s bed in a shared bedroom, or adorning the walls in an artsy living room like mine.

To get started, gather the following supplies…

Double Tack Mounting Film (technically, this is a big sheet of super sticky sticker paper. Find it in sheets at your local art supply store)
A 12”x18” canvas board
Cutting Mat
Exacto Knife
Quilting ruler (the clear ruler with measurements)
A pen
Colorful sheets of felt at least 11” x 17”

Step 1: Line up up to three sheets of felt. Using your ruler and knife, cut off one inch strips. You’ll need about 14 strips.

Step 2: Peel one side off of the Double Tack. This stuff if very sticky, be careful.

Step 3: Lay down the felt strips right next to each other until the Double Tack sheet is covered in felt. A random pattern of color looks best!

Step 4: Flip over the felted Double Tack. Draw your letter on the back. Remember, if it’s a non-symmetrical letter, like an N or P, draw the mirror image of the final letter.

Step 5: Cut out the letter.

Step 6: Peel off the paper backing to expose the adhesive. You now have a big, striped, felt sticker.

Step 7: Stick your letter onto the canvas board.

Finished! Hang your newly crafted, colorful initial anywhere that needs a little pizzazz.


aw this is SOO cute, such a sweet and simple idea, i love it! thanks for sharing! :):) your blog is wonderful!

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