How To Make Textured Type

I’m sharing another tutorial today as a Photoshop Elements Ambassador. Today I’ll talk about using Photoshop Elements to create textured type. This image above is from my Madewell post from earlier today, but I’ve also used textured type for the Summer Essentials post and my About Me Page (confession: I’m obsessed with the same watercolor image!). But obviously you can use any texture/pattern you want, just be sure that if it isn’t yours that it’s free, or that you have permission to use it. There are lots and lots of free patterns and textures online you can find to use.
Keep reading to see how to create this pretty textured type yourself…

Open an image you want to add text on top of.

Click the ‘T’ type tool on the left hand sidebar and then start typing right on the image. You can adjust the size and font on the top panel.

Now open up a texture you want to fill the letters with. Copy it (command a).

Paste it into the other image (command c). It should look something like this above.

Now, you’re going to move your cursor right in between the texture layer and the type later (exactly where the arrow is pointing) and hold down option or alt while you ‘click’. The texture should move into the type as shown above. The smaller arrow above shows the boundary of the texture box selection which you can change the size and location of until the texture in the type looks good. You can also adjust the colors in the texture by adjusting the levels.

Bonus Section! I’m adding some script type underneath. So I’ll change my font and size and type some script below the large font.

Since it’s hard to read, I’m adding a rectangular box on top.

After moving the box below the type, I’m changing the color here and the size.

I can change the opacity here so it becomes a bit transparent. And you’re done!


Hey Liz!
Nice tutorial I will try it soon. Which font did you use for “style notes” and which one for “how to make textured type”? I love them.

Hey Liz!
I love this tutorial and will definitely use it!
Which font did you use? It looks so nice.

Another way is to use the Type Mask Tool, then create a layer mask on the texture layer with Layer / Layer Mask / Reveal Selection from the Menu Bar. This saves a layer. Can only be used in Elements 9 & 10

Okay wait, for some reason it won’t let me copy the image. What is the “command a” thing? I am using a windows PC, is that why?

Thank you SO MUCH! I have had PSE for over a year and had no idea how to do anything! Can’t wait to see what other amazing things you and the other ambassadors can show us! Thanks again!

Loved this. One day I needed to make some camo letters. I worked on them for about an hour. Wish I had know this. would have taken about a minute.


This is a great tutorial, love the watercolor too. Thanks Liz!

Liz! You are totally reading my mind! Now I just need you to figure out how to make a decorative banner that is folded over on itself on the ends and looks soft and breezy instead of a stiff, straight-edged rectangle. Got it? I await your response…;)

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