Homemade Grapefruit Bath Salts

I’m working with Method on their Clean Happy Campaign. In honor of their July video, Give Your Nose a Hug, I thought it would be fun to try to make my own sweet smelling salts that will give your nose (and whole body) a hug in the the warm bath. Super simple to make, it took 2 minutes!

Keep reading to see the full tutorial on making these sweet smelling bath salts yourself!

Add a couple drops of pink food coloring to ice cream salt or sea salt (about 1 cup). Then add about 4 drops of an essential oil. Whatever your favorite scent it. I used grapefruit I bought here

Mix and shake in a bag!

I poured it into a mason jar and made a pretty label with some mini stamps and fabric. Would make a great gift too!

What fragrance would you add to your bath salts? You can take a dishy personality test on Method’s Facebook page to find out your signature fragrance, and enter a sweepstakes to win a year’s supply of Method dish soap too!



My friends love getting these at gift given time they just tell me sent they want

When used in the bath, won’t the food coloring dye your skin?

This would make a great gift, Liz! I love the idea–and the stamped detail on the top of the jar is so pretty!

I tried making some bath salts for a gift and they turned out okay the day I made them. Then they sat there for a few days as I got the rest of the gift together. Then they weren’t looking too hot haha I’ll def try this out!

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